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Hydrochloric acid rust removal additive


Hydrochloric acid rust removal additive


Features of hydrochloric acid additives
1 No odor and smoke.
Adding this product can make the mass fraction of 20% hydrochloric acid, no volatile fumes, no odor emission, and significantly improve the operating environment on site.
2 Fast speed and long service life.
The concentration of ordinary pickling hydrochloric acid should be controlled to 8-12%, and the new acid should be replaced when the concentration is lower than 8%; when the concentration exceeds 12%, the smoke will volatilize and seriously affect the job site. The normal use concentration of this product is controlled at 18-20%, the content of free hydrogen ions is high, and the pickling speed is fast; the high acidity can greatly extend the product life cycle and improve the product application efficiency.
3 No rot, high surface quality.
This product can improve the over-corrosion of the metal surface and has a high surface finish after treatment. The preliminary pipe processing data show that after using this product, the weight per ton of pipe is 3-5 kg ​​more. In addition, this product can save coating materials while improving the surface quality of the product.
4 Strengthen rust removal and purify surface oil.
At present, in the low-concentration hydrochloric acid rust removal process, there is a method of heating or adding hydrofluoric acid to strengthen the rust removal. Heating generates a lot of acid mist, and hydrofluoric acid is very harmful to the human body. Direct contact can penetrate into the body tissue and cause amputation. Strengthen the surface rust removal effect, avoid heating or adding hydrofluoric acid during operation. In addition, this product has a secondary purification effect on a small amount of oily residue in the degreasing process.
Benefit comparison:
1. Calculated based on the acid concentration of 18%, (18-8) ÷ (12-8) = 2.5, the use cycle is more than twice the existing products, which can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the terminal waste acid emissions by more than 50%.
2. Calculate according to the pipe to overcome the phenomenon of over-corrosion. The weight per ton of pipe is 3-5 kg ​​more, and the benefit is 15-20 yuan. In addition, it can save the amount of plating or spraying materials.
3. Environmental benefits, using this product has no odor and smoke, which can significantly improve the operating environment, reduce equipment corrosion and harm to human health, and better meet the regulatory requirements of environmental protection departments.