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Ethyl acetate


Ethyl acetate

1, as an industrial solvent, used in coatings, adhesives, polycarbonate, artificial leather, linoleum colorants, artificial fibers and other products.
2. Used as a binder for the production of printing inks and artificial pearls.
3, as an extractant, used in the production of pharmaceuticals, organic acids and other products.
4. As a raw material of spices, it is used as the main raw material of flavors of pineapple, banana, strawberry and other fruits, and whiskey, butter and other spices. Spice manufacturing, can be used for liquor blending with spices, artificial flavors.
5, extractant, extract many compounds (phosphorus, tungsten, selenium, cobalt) from aqueous solution.
6. Organic solvents. It is used as a standard material for calibration of thermometers when separating sugars.
7. Test for bismuth, gold, iron, mercury, oxidants and platinum.
8. Determination of bismuth, boron, gold, iron, molybdenum, platinum, potassium and thallium.
9, biochemical research, protein sequence analysis.
10. Environmental protection, analysis of pesticide residues.
11. Organic synthesis.
12, is a fast-drying solvent for nitrocellulose, polycarbonate fiber, cellulose acetate and neoprene, and a low toxicity solvent used in industry.
13. Cleaning agents for textile industry and extraction agents for natural flavors have not been formulated, and they are also important raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and organic synthesis.