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Water-based rust inhibitor


Water-based rust inhibitor

Product principle:
This product has excellent spreading performance. It relies on surfactant molecules with rust prevention function to quickly combine with metal molecules to form protection, avoiding the oxidation reaction of metal in direct contact with air, so as to achieve long-term rust prevention. After the product is processed, it does not need to be cleaned before entering the next process. It has no effect on product size, surface finish, and does not affect subsequent welding and pasting performance.
Second, product characteristics:



Test Methods


Light yellow transparent liquid

Visual inspection

PH value


PH wide test strip

Anti-rust performance

2-3 months

Hanging test

The rust-proof period varies due to differences in ambient temperature, humidity, and corrosive components, usually up to 90 days, and cast-iron carbon steel is easily rusted for 30 days.

III. Application:
1. It is used for short-term oil-free rust prevention (inter-process rust prevention) of rusty metal parts such as cast iron and iron and steel parts. Short and medium-term antirust treatment.
2. Used for passivation and antirust treatment of electroplating and phosphating workpieces, which can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of electroplating layer and phosphating film.
5. Preparation and use conditions of anti-rust working fluid:
Matching ratio (diluted weight ratio of original liquid to water):
2--5% concentration, ie: 1 part of this product: 20-50 parts of water (depending on anti-rust requirements)
Anti-rust period 2-3 months
Temperature: normal temperature ―50 ℃ (usually normal temperature can be used, in order to quickly dry the rust-proof workpiece, the rust-proof liquid can be heated to 40-50 ℃)
Soak time: 2-3 minutes
26. Matters needing attention:
1. Under normal circumstances, the workpiece can be immersed in the working fluid for 2 to 3 minutes to achieve a satisfactory anti-rust effect. If spray (brush) coating is used to handle large and complex workpieces, it should ensure that the liquid fully wets each corner of the workpiece. , Uneven treatment will seriously affect the rust prevention effect.
2.Before carrying out the anti-rust treatment, be sure to ensure that the surface of the workpiece is free of oil pollutants, rust, and particulate matter. The higher the surface finish, the better the anti-rust effect. Do not bring acidic water into the anti-rust liquid, otherwise the anti-rust liquid will fail and the anti-rust effect will be poor. After removing the rust with acid, the workpiece should be rinsed at least twice with running water to ensure that the surface of the workpiece is neutral.
3. Under normal circumstances, the concentration of rust-proof working fluid will not decrease, but the quantity should be reduced. Add the original liquid and clean water in proportion. When the rust inhibitor is brought into the tap water or cleaning agent residues and the pollution cannot effectively prevent rust, you need to reslot. It is recommended that the cleaning agent slot time is roughly the same.
4. After the anti-rust liquid treatment of the workpiece, it is best to blow off the residual moisture on the surface and each dead corner with a spray gun connected with compressed air, and then dry it. It is best to dry under conditions. Box, or wooden board on the ground.
5. Before preparing the working solution, shake the barrel a few times before pouring out the original solution.
VII. Packaging and storage:
25kg / drum, sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse with a shelf life of two years.