Shandong Haomei New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1117-22, Building A, Advanced Ceramic Industry Innovation Park, 125 Liuquan Road, High-tech Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province
Contact: Liu Chuantao (General Manager)
Mobile phone: 13508942138
Fax: 0533-6450255

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Shandong Haomei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a private limited liability company. The company is located at 9-6 Xinjian West Road, Zhoucun District. The company has a general manager's office, a finance department, a business department, a business department, a business department, and a business department. And other major departments, and there are nearly 300 square meters of warehouses. The company's business scope covers a wide range. The business scope registered by the business license (registration number: 91370306MA3NF3NOXR) mainly includes: production, processing and sales of packaging products, rubber and plastic products, home textiles; chemical products (Flammable solids, flammable liquids, spontaneous and wet combustibles, corrosives, toxic drugs wholesale), plastic raw materials, ceramic raw materials, glass raw materials, acrylic wool tops, chemical fiber fibers, ceramic products, glass products, aluminum alloy products , Steel, mechanical and electrical products, communication equipment, computers, electrical products, hardware products, building decoration materials, machinery and equipment, valve fittings, office supplies, daily necessities, washing cosmetics, clothing, furniture, electric vehicles, electric tricycles, fertilizers, agriculture Wholesale and retail of films.
Now the company is a general taxpayer (Tax ID: 91370306MA3NF3NOXR) and has a “Hazardous Chemicals Business License” (Registration Number: Luzi Hazard Chemicals 00053). In order to further develop other businesses in the business license, the company decided to invite partners to join the company to further improve the various departments of the company, hoping that people with lofty ideals and operating projects can join the company for common development.
Join conditions:
1. Good projects develop together within the scope of company registration.
2. Have certain business ability to jointly develop new product markets.
3, there are good products to Zibo for agents.